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Hamaspik of Rockland’s Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Program Growing, Succeeding

Hamaspik of Rockland’s Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Program Growing, Succeeding

Children with Autism—and Their Parents—Benefiting from Long-term Therapeutic Services

Any parent of a child with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) will tell you just how challenging it can be.

Children on the spectrum, after all, commonly present social difficulties, ranging from lack of eye contact and general awkwardness around people to full-blown flight from nearly all human contact.

But with the growingly popular and still-relatively-new field of applied behavior analysis (ABA), a diagnosis of ASD does not have to mean a life sentence of social struggles. Enter Hamaspik of Rockland County’s ABA program.

Hamaspik’s ABA Services, under the leadership of director Mrs. Reiny Steif since its inception, began with one staffer (herself) and a handful of clients.

The program has been growing lately—and not just in quantity of children served, but in the quality of the services they’ve been getting, too. Those quality services drove considerable word-of-mouth referrals, in turn expanding the program even more.

One such success story involves a child on the spectrum who simply refused to attend school. Through painstaking long-term persistence by a dedicated Hamaspik BCBA, the child was acclimated over a period of months to leave the house, board a bus, and remain seated in a mainstream classroom—and all without the repetitive and dangerous bolting that had driven the parents to their wits’ end.

Another such story is essentially the same, but involved extreme fear of the doctor, not school. Hamaspik’s ABA Services was equally successful in correcting the child’s behaviors.

Today, Hamaspik’s ABA Services boasts a full team of therapists, including three professional Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) hired over the last several months.

Why the burst of new staff? Simple: new clients, Director Steif explains.

For more information, call Mrs. Steif at 845-503-0239.